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If you have been thinking of taking some business courses at college but have a full-time job, then consider studying online. Even if you won't have enough time to complete all your papers, you can always order your assignments at

In the near future, more jobs will be available in all areas of the business sector. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated that over the next five years, jobs in business administration will increase by about 12%. Even though you are not currently employed in a business area, you can set your sights on one of those jobs. All you need is the proper training and that is as close as your computer. You can take college courses online to add to your knowledge/experience, for job skills enhancement, or for certification.

Many colleges/universities offer online business administration courses leading to certification or a degree. The coursework varies somewhat as to the area of business. A few universities offer certification or an Associate Degree in Business Administration, however, most universities offer business administration degrees only at the bachelor and master’s level. At the end of the article is a web address for you to utilize in your search for online college courses.

Go to the web site and read about each online college, and the selection of courses they offer. Then proceed to the college/university’s web site and continue your search for details on the programs in online business administration. Be sure the college offers classes in your home state as some colleges have geographical restrictions. Most colleges have a page where you can leave your name and address/email address for more information. On the right side of the elearners college pages, you will note a small listing of facts about each college.

The facts include topics as FAQ’s, college addresses, phone number, accreditation, geographic restrictions, on-campus requirements, and technical requirements. Should you have further questions, you may call the college to speak to an advisor in business administration. Before you call, make a list of the questions you want to ask and leave room for the answers. If you plan on just taking coursework and not working towards a degree, inquire about the need to be admitted to the college.

The areas of concentration in business administration include accounting, finance, health services, communications, marketing and sales, pre-law, general administration, public administration, small business management, corporate management, computer information systems, international business, e-commerce, and banking. A few colleges offer business courses in sports management, tourism, and criminal justice. With all these programs, you have a great selection of courses from which you may choose.

Several of the universities listed on the site below are: The University of Phoenix, Strayer University, Walden University, Colorado Technical University Online, Everest University, Ashford University, Kaplan University, Liberty University Online, American Intercontinental University, DeVry University, University of North Carolina, and Post University. To find the greatest selection of online colleges, programs, and courses, search combinations of key words such as:
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Business administration coursework includes issues of importance related to the field of business. Courses include major business topics such as ethics, computer science, finance, accounting, leadership, communication, business analysis, human resources management, international business, banking/commerce, finance management, marketing, small business management and corporate management. The web site provides a listing of universities with links to the programs, and the required coursework for a degree or certification.

For example, the University of North Carolina offers Foundations of Business (BUS 5001) in which statistical analysis is a key focus. Their Foundations of Business (BUS 5004) course covers stocks and bonds valuation, capital budgeting, and financial statement analysis. They also offer Foundations in Organizational Behavior (BUS 5006) that includes topics such as organizational behavior therapy, individuals in organizations, and groups in an organization. This is a one- hour credit course and does not require enrollment in a degree program.

The course, Foundations in Economics (BUS 5003), is an introduction to the microeconomic environment and business decisions related to supply and demand analysis, cost, production, pricing, and technology. Please note that business courses at the graduate level require an undergraduate degree.

CBT Direct is an online school that offers many courses at the undergraduate level. Some of the courses offered are Business, Government, and Society: Strategic Management, Business, Government and Society: The Role of Business In Society, Business, Government and Society: Ethics in Business, and Business Government and Society: Government, Consumers, and Regulation. All of these courses are designed to give the student familiarity with the basics of management, marketing, ethics, and finance.

With all of the courses offered at the all the colleges on this web site, you have a plethora of business coursework from which to choose. To find the school that meets your needs, do your research and be thorough. Taking a course online is a simple process. It is designed to be self-paced and taken at your leisure. Some courses require discussions with fellow students in chat rooms, and some colleges have an on-campus requirement for certain courses. Online coursework requires a great deal of reading, writing, and determination.

Group work in some courses may require emailing with documents attached. The requirements are essentially the same for online and on-campus if you are pursuing a degree. Should you be taking coursework to enhance job skills, there may be fewer requirements. If you plan on taking several courses, you might want to check on the courses required for certification. Having a degree or certification makes you more desirable in the job market. The more education you have, the better the pay and chances for advancement.

Even a few college courses can make a difference in your life and career. Decide on your area of concentration then select the program that offers the most coursework in that particular area. If you are planning to obtain a degree or certification in the future, then think ahead! Plan to take courses that will be accepted for that degree or certification. That will save you time and money.

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Good day,

Am a Zambian male aged 39 and hold of an advanced certificate in Marketing Management obtained from the university of Zambia Department of Adult Education.I now wish to pursue a course in the field of Business Administration.Please furnish me with the information of what i need to do.I was particularly looking at starting with a Diploma.
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JOYCE SAGE MSHINGO September 15, 2011 at 10:50 am

I would like to join the course in Business Administration and Management as soon as possible.

Currently I am working as a secretary


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I would like to join you as soon as possible.


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