What is Business Administration ?

Business administration is the process of governing every aspect of the business. The goal of business administration is to promote growth and stability of the company. This is usually achieved by organization a hierarchy of lower, middle and upper management.

A person who is in control of all the areas of business administration is called a Chief Executive Officer or CEO. A CEO may also have other people, usually referred to as vise presidents working under him. These vise presidents are usually assigned to different departments such as research, expansion and existing operations. The CEO, vice presidents and the hierarchy all work together to make sure that everything in the business runs smoothly.

People who are interested in pursuing a degree in business administration should definitely go for it. There are expected to many job opportunities available and the U.S. Bureau of Labor predicts that this field will grow by 12% over the next five years. That growth is higher than the national average. Those who are interested in working in the field of business administration should have great math skills, be able to communicate clearly and be organized and have time management skills.

A person has the option of earning an associates, bachelor’s or master’s degree in business administration. The college that one decides to study business administration at should be contingent on several things including: the degree that one is trying to obtain, the specific area of business administration that one is trying to work in and whether or not one wants to study online.

Studying online is ideal for those who have busy schedules and other obligations, but some people still want the traditional experience of being in the classroom. The courses of study vary depending on the school, but students of business administration can expect to take courses in accounting, finance, economics and management.

Those who earn a master’s degree have the most job opportunities. The salary for those who work in the field of business administration varies greatly. Some people earn under $30,000 a year, while others earn over $100,000. People who have a master’s degree in business administration have the most job opportunities and earn the highest salary.

Additionally, those who have had the most experience working in business administration are also among the highest earners. Most importantly, working in this field will allow a person to be an important part of a company’s success.

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Patricia Walters September 24, 2011 at 5:30 pm

I am intresting doing business administration,but to have my own buisiness.however,i am not good at mathematics.I know must do some maths classes.
what other advise do you hane for me?


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