What is the Best Online Business Administration Degree ?

What is a business administration degree?
A business administration degree focuses heavily on teaching the fundamentals of the free market, finances, and resource management. Business administration degrees come in generic forms that offer a sweeping understanding of the broad subject that is business and the free market, and others that are more focused on specific aspects that require additional depth in order to serve specialized needs of certain positions, industries, or in order to compete for certain exclusive positions.

Why is a business administration degree a great path?
Advancing in almost any company beyond a certain point will require a degree in business administration, and any person wishing to test the waters of modern entrepreneurialism will want to have a solid understanding of what makes the business world tick. Though the goals might be different, the reasons are the same: earning a business administration degree gives you a firm understanding of the nature of business and the essential logic required to make intelligent and informed decisions in a world that is remarkably fickle. By comparison, narrower degrees that focus on only one subject can be extremely limiting in the long run when measured against the broad appeal of a business administration degree.

Earning an online business degree can not only help you advance within a company and teach you how to run your own company, but it opens the door to so much more. Additional income, insight, and the respect of your peers can all be had by earning your business degree online in your spare time. Few degrees have the practical day to day value of a business administration degree, and the knowledge gained can help with investing and retirement planning in addition to personal enlightenment and achieving career goals.

Career options with an online business administration degree:
The career options available to individual with degrees in business administration are wide and varied. Virtually every organization from the biggest mega corporation to the smallest charity operates based on business principles and thus the fundamentals taught in any business administration course can be applied in nearly any field. The bottom line is that you may be able to progress further than other applicants with a business administration degree regardless of the industry.

The career options that require business administration degrees come in many forms. Most managerial positions strongly favor if not require a business administration degree, and most C-level executive positions require a MBA (Masters of Business Administration) or better. Specialized business administrative degrees are designed to meet specific needs, such as a business administration degree with a specialization in medical administration, advertising specific business administration degrees offer valuable insight into how to run effective advertising campaigns, but there are also specialized degrees in many other business administrative fields: banking, public relations, human resource, accounting, and quality assurance.

If you’re more interested in public or non-profit business an online mpa degree might be what you’re looking for.

What kind of income can I expect with a business administration degree?
Associates degrees in business administration are generally useful for lower-level managerial or specialized positions that generally earn income in the $35,000 to $50,000 range depending on the industry.

A bachelor’s degree in business administration can pay off remarkably well in certain areas, especially marketing and medical administration where top salaries can easily hit the $60,000 or $70,000 mark. The downside is that competition for those limited positions can be fierce, and even general area business administration degrees can be worth around $40,000 to $65,000 depending on industry.

MBAs are usually worth six-figures or close to that mark, but it is worth noting that many 7-figure positions require MBAs. A MBA commands respect, and the knowledge it brings to the table can literally make or break a company.

Is a business administration degree a solid foundation for the future?

Without a doubt there are few degrees with the demand and reward of a business administration degree. It is a sound investment, but you’ll be able to actually calculate the ROI (return on investment) on the degree once you take a few courses!

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