Business Administration Skills – Three Ways To Improve Them

Thinking about a career in business administration?

If you are a College student, or still in High School, this is a perfect time for you to sit down and analyze yourself to find out if a career in Business Administration is right for you. If you are currently in charge of business operations, a fresh take on your decision might motivate you up the corporate ladder.

In today’s fast paced and competitive economy, there is a huge demand for highly qualified business managers, and if you decide to take that route, you would never regret it as it is an extremely rewarding field, both, financially and personally.

One of the most important qualities a business administrator must have is an ability to communicate. A business, just about any business, it’s a “people business” and he or she must possess great communication skills to even be considered as a potential candidate. This include written, and oral communication skills.

Other factors that will directly contribute to your success in this field include interpersonal skills (personality), self discipline and enthusiasm. Not necessarily in that order. If you already hold a position as an administrator, consider these three tips to improve your skills:

Re-think Your Self -Discipline Regarding Time Management Skills

Take a look at how you currently manage your time. If you have fallen behind on reports and, or found yourself late or unprepared for important conference calls, or feel that more often than not your desk is cluttered with more files than usual, maybe it’s time to redesign your priority system. As an administrator, you are expected to produce results on a timely manner, as you probably already know, and time it’s always of the essence.

Your Interpersonal Skills-Do You Get Along With Everyone?

As mentioned before, this is a people business and you can’t do it alone. I read somewhere about the importance of digging your well before your thirsty, and it certainly applies here as it would in any other situation in life. No matter how knowledgeable and dedicated a manager you are, if you lack interpersonal skills you will struggle in this business.

Are You Enthusiastic About Working For Your Current Employer?

Enthusiasm should be high on your list of requirements to improve your game as an administrator. Probably even more important than education, skill and talent. Enthusiasm and passion for your work will always bring out the best in yourself and everyone around you. Certainly when it comes to get the job done with the help of others, you will always come out a winner when delegation becomes crucial.

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doamekpor charles August 22, 2011 at 8:08 am

i would want to know the relevant courses/subjects to business administration and the courses differ from accounting courses.
how does an accounting student differs from a student pursuing business administration.


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