What Jobs Can You Get With a Business Administration Degree ?

There are many jobs that a person can get with a business administration degree. A person with a business administration degree will have the option to work in many different sectors, such as government, education, retail, and private business, just to name a few. A person really isn’t limited to what they can do for work, or what positions they can hold. Lets talk about some of the jobs a person can get with a degree in business administration.

A person could easily get a job managing a retail store, and yes this include big name retail stores too, not just a small chain of retail stores. A person can also be a regional manager of retail stores, and instead of being in charge of one store, they will be in charge of multiple stores within a region or district. A person who gets hired as a store manager can make anywhere between $40,000-$65,000+, although the amount of money a person can make depends on the location of the store/stores, as well as a few other factors such as job experience. A person who is a regional manager can easily earn in excess of $65,000.

A person can get a job as a human resource manager, and the average salary tends to be around $70,000 a year. A human resource manager performs many different tasks, such as implementing benefits, training for employees, putting polices for employees into effect, health and safety training, just to name a few. A human resource manager may also make hiring decisions, and provide training to new employees of the company that they are working for. A person that works as a human resource manager will need to be very creative, and be able to pay attention to detail.

Becoming a private banker is another job that a person with a degree in business administration could get. The average private banker receives around $60,000 a year. A private banker usually works with people who have a high net worth, and the banker helps build their banking portfolio.

A person can also get a job as a public relations specialists, and this position requires a person to maintain a positive image of the company they work for. In some cases, a public relations specialists’ job will be to repair a company’s public image. A person who chooses to do this as a job can expect to make an average of $50,000 a year.

Other jobs that are available to people who hold a degree in business administration include accounting, controller, consultant, director, and school administrator.

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